Studio Tour!

Studio Tour!

Worley's Lighting was featured in a studio tour on Design Sponge yesterday afternoon! We are so excited to share our space with you all. You can check out the article here.

photos by Lindsey Plevyak



January 22, 2016 by Michelle Worley

Fall 2015 and Renegade Brooklyn

We were so excited to launch our newest line of lighting at Renegade Brooklyn last weekend. The fair was a blast. We met so made so many new friends and discovered some great new brands. I will be writing a post next week to tell you all about them.

Most of our prep time for the fair went into designing and building our collapsible booth to fit in our tiny 4'x8' floor space. It was a challenge but we were pretty happy with how it came out. 

Since we road tripped all the way from Charlotte with our booth and product packed into our CRV, we built the entire thing on hinges. The walls all fold flat and the shelves are held up by big removable dowels. We painted the whole thing black and white, added a salvaged wood mini desktop and finished it with PVC signage. The booth ended up being perfect for displaying our new line and some of our favorite products.

After the show we got to spend some time with my sister who lives in the city. We hit a few museums, saw the sites and had a great time exploring the city.

If you hadn't yet, check out our new lamps that we released earlier this month below. They feature custom made hand spun brass shades, natural linen and hearty wood bases. The new Prism Lamp features an artisan made glass shade.

September 22, 2015 by Michelle Worley

Our New Collection on Kickstarter

Yesterday we launched our brand new collection of modern table lamps and sconces on Kickstarer! I spent a lot of time designing and creating the project and am so excited to share it with everyone. Please take a look at our project here and collect on some exclusive rewards! By funding the campaign you will also be getting some of the pieces from the new collection at a discounted rate.

Valerie at Lily & Val designed an exclusive Support The Makers print for our project!

We also designed an exclusive cutting board as a reward!

Thanks for checking out our project. You can watch our video and learn more about the new collection here.

Workshop Tour

In late February 2014 we moved into our very first warehouse/office space. We have been in that same space for a little over a year now and let me tell you- separating our work and home life (for the most part!) has made a huge impact on our business and overall well-being! I do my best to put my own touch on the place and give it as much character as I can but our shop is no natural beauty. Its not all brick and giant vintage windows. In fact the entire warehouse has no natural light at all unless you open the garage door. Our space is basic, on the smaller side and most importantly cost effective so we make it work! I wanted to share some photos of the place. It's not perfect but I'm definitely grateful for all of the wonderful things this little grubby warehouse has allowed us to accomplish. 

This is half of our office. All of our lamp wiring happens on this table. I actually got this massive solid old pine table at an estate sale and it has served us well! The shelves by the door are our in progress and outgoing area.

The desk up by the door.

and the view from my desk...

Here is a corner of the warehouse. We have the garage door up to let in some light.

The lumber area and scrap shelves.


These pictures were taken earlier this year and we are still looking about the same way currently. In the next few weeks we are doing a major clean up and rearrange for some new equipment. Little  by little we will whip this little space into shape. For now, it works!


My Living Room

Last week I sold my old sofa and love seat and sprung for some new furniture in my living room. It's something I've wanted to do for a few years but never have had the cash to do it. I still didn't have the cash to really go all out so I shopped around for the best cost effective and practical pieces that I could find. I landed on the KIVIK line from Ikea. The sofa in dark gray and two seat sections in light gray.

I wanted the main pieces in my living room to reflect my style and still look unique even though they were from Ikea. The different colored covers helped achieve the unique look I was going for. I also tufted the main sofa myself with some felt, upholstery needle and button making kit. I also think that the replaceable cover system is genius and works perfectly with our lifestyle especially with our dog! The caramel leather seat is from world market. The caramel color and smooth texture finish off the look for me. Here's a look from a different angle.

Links to the different pieces in this room are as follows:

Ikea KIVIK Seats and Sofa and Stockholm Coffee Table

World Market Carmel Quincy Leather Chair

Worley's Lighting Pillar Lamp, Gwendolyn Sconce and Large Signature Lantern

Anything else that you are interested in knowing where its from just leave a comment and I'll reply!

New Plants for Spring

Every spring I like to get a few new plants for my patio and inside to spruce things up. Adding new pieces  always inspires me to get clean and organized as well. 

I can't wait for these purple beauties to bloom. They are going to be gorgeous. Opie watched me plant everything yesterday on the patio. He approves of the Gardenia Bush.

This pink, flowery mini tree is new as well. I couldn't resist.

Plants make spaces feel pretty and full of life. My patio isn't much to begin with. It's old, brown and doesn't have good drainage so lots of leaves and dirt end up settling on it. I made it look 1,000 times better by simply sweeping it off, adding a few new plants and arranging my sparse furniture neatly. This hanging blue flowery basket also helps.

One day in the future I will invest in patio furniture and other outdoor features but right now I'm totally happy with working with what I have and taking care of what I got.




March 25, 2015 by Michelle Worley

The Work Shop

A few photos from today at the shop in the late afternoon light.

New Website!

Welcome to our new website! Browse our products, shop and get updates on our new blog. Sign up on our mailing list for exclusive sales and new products!
May 14, 2014 by Michelle Worley