Tree Branch Candle Holders Set of 3

$ 18.50


Bring a piece of the Carolina forest into your home with this whimsical set of tree branch candleholders.



- Dimensions: Each set includes 3 separate candleholders measuring 8”H, 6”H, 4”H and 2”-3”W

- All wood used to create these is found, species vary

- Each branch will hold a candle up to 1 ¾” in diameter

- Made from repurposed, untreated wood

- Each set is unique



Practice common fire safety when using this product. Do not leave lit candles unattended. Candles used in these candle holders must be contained in a plastic or metal casing. Also tiny cracks can sometimes occur around the tops of these holders as they age and dry out. The cracking does not in any way affect the functionality, design or aesthetic of the candle holders. Keep candle holders in a dry area, do not let them get wet or damp.


Please know that the wood we use is grown locally and the species we use vary depending on what is found that week. That means the bark color and texture might differ from the photos above. Bark colors range from dark brown, to grayish brown and textures from rough to semi-smooth. All dimensions will remain the same!



All of our candle holders are made to order. Please allow 14 days for your piece to ship.


All Worley's Lighting products are designed by us, handcrafted and assembled in Charlotte, North Carolina USA.



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