We were so excited to launch our newest line of lighting at Renegade Brooklyn last weekend. The fair was a blast. We met so made so many new friends and discovered some great new brands. I will be writing a post next week to tell you all about them.

Most of our prep time for the fair went into designing and building our collapsible booth to fit in our tiny 4'x8' floor space. It was a challenge but we were pretty happy with how it came out. 

Since we road tripped all the way from Charlotte with our booth and product packed into our CRV, we built the entire thing on hinges. The walls all fold flat and the shelves are held up by big removable dowels. We painted the whole thing black and white, added a salvaged wood mini desktop and finished it with PVC signage. The booth ended up being perfect for displaying our new line and some of our favorite products.

After the show we got to spend some time with my sister who lives in the city. We hit a few museums, saw the sites and had a great time exploring the city.

If you hadn't yet, check out our new lamps that we released earlier this month below. They feature custom made hand spun brass shades, natural linen and hearty wood bases. The new Prism Lamp features an artisan made glass shade.

September 22, 2015 by Michelle Worley

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