In late February 2014 we moved into our very first warehouse/office space. We have been in that same space for a little over a year now and let me tell you- separating our work and home life (for the most part!) has made a huge impact on our business and overall well-being! I do my best to put my own touch on the place and give it as much character as I can but our shop is no natural beauty. Its not all brick and giant vintage windows. In fact the entire warehouse has no natural light at all unless you open the garage door. Our space is basic, on the smaller side and most importantly cost effective so we make it work! I wanted to share some photos of the place. It's not perfect but I'm definitely grateful for all of the wonderful things this little grubby warehouse has allowed us to accomplish. 

This is half of our office. All of our lamp wiring happens on this table. I actually got this massive solid old pine table at an estate sale and it has served us well! The shelves by the door are our in progress and outgoing area.

The desk up by the door.

and the view from my desk...

Here is a corner of the warehouse. We have the garage door up to let in some light.

The lumber area and scrap shelves.


These pictures were taken earlier this year and we are still looking about the same way currently. In the next few weeks we are doing a major clean up and rearrange for some new equipment. Little  by little we will whip this little space into shape. For now, it works!


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