Every spring I like to get a few new plants for my patio and inside to spruce things up. Adding new pieces  always inspires me to get clean and organized as well. 

I can't wait for these purple beauties to bloom. They are going to be gorgeous. Opie watched me plant everything yesterday on the patio. He approves of the Gardenia Bush.

This pink, flowery mini tree is new as well. I couldn't resist.

Plants make spaces feel pretty and full of life. My patio isn't much to begin with. It's old, brown and doesn't have good drainage so lots of leaves and dirt end up settling on it. I made it look 1,000 times better by simply sweeping it off, adding a few new plants and arranging my sparse furniture neatly. This hanging blue flowery basket also helps.

One day in the future I will invest in patio furniture and other outdoor features but right now I'm totally happy with working with what I have and taking care of what I got.




March 25, 2015 by Michelle Worley

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